Who are we?

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Next Industries designs and manufactures high accuracy data acquisition loggers, gateway and sensors provided with Internet of Things technology. Thanks to wireless connectivity our device is able to communicate with cloud , to manage alarm or notifications.

The value of technology is being at people’s free disposal,especially for applications like energy production,work safety or structural health monitoring.

Through our work we add value to technology, offering innovative products in respect of the earth; wireless, low power and small size devices for “smart cities” management. Landslide events in environmental applications or strain in a pipeline can be monitored with our sensors and loggers. The data sending is made thanks to the gateway and through internet the user can view data and analyze them.

Smart cities means for us “connectivity city” and technology must be an added value for people, especially for applications like energy production, work safety or structural health monitoring.

The problem we address with CANVAS SHM is building monitoring (construction, private and public buildings, historical ones), or Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Some scenarios for this application: monitoring of work in progress effects on existing buildings, historical/archaeological monitoring and earthquake/floods effects assessing.CANVAS SHM consists in:new wireless sensors for Structural Health Monitoring ; a new cloud platform based on FIWARE technologies; it will become our Smart City Monitoring cloud platform. It will be able to connect also to new sensors, also from different manufacturer.