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Industrial IoT

Our devices are ready for Industrial Internet of Things applications, as Smart Gateway for Modbus devices.


Wearable devices like Tactigon ONE and Tactigon Skin expands human body capability without limits.


Our customer will find support during installation and use of the supplied devices and softwares.

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Structural Monitoring

Structural health monitoring has the potential to completely change the way we manage the built environment. Encompassing everything from schools and hospitals to office buildings and tunnels, the buildings needs to be properly maintained to ensure safety and reduce costs.

collaborative robots and augmented reality

Industrial IoT

IIoT purpose is to optimize the process that allows a predictive analysis which in turn is a predictive maintenance and therefore a considerable saving in terms of maintenance costs and failures. Investing in IIoT will help to reduce cost and increase production.

wearable devices and gym


Wearable devices can unleash creativity and fit applications for the IoT that solve real world problems more elegantly, and effectively, than ever before. Our wearable devices don’t come with a set of rules about how to use 'em. The idea is to provide the freedom to experiment.

Environment Monitoring

Smart Environment is a low-cost solution designed for smart environment monitoring. You can measure environmental parameters (temperature, RH, wind speed/direction, air pressure) and energy ones (solar radiation, water pressure) to prevent damages caused by natural calamities.