It is an interface between a vibrating wire sensor and a data acquisition system.
This device measures the resonance frequency and the temperature of the vibrating wire sensor.
Most vibrating wire sensors on the market can be connected.



NI10 is a compact and economical vibrating wire reader .



The NI10 uses frequency sweep search and FFT processing technology to obtain the wire
vibration frequency, together with a voltage excitation capability of 24V pk-pk max. This
allows precise and repeatable measurements also in noisy environments and with long
cables; a quality index is also calculated and available to the user for each reading.
The device can transmit a new frequency/temperature measurement every around 2
NI10 communicates with the data logger through an isolated RS-485 serial interface.
Two leds on the front panel indicate a valid measure and the RS-485 activity.
GDT (gas discharge tubes) are installed on the sensor inputs to provide lightning protection.


Dimensions (LxWxH)              100x119x18 mm



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