NI200 is ultra low power wireless sensor device with different communication interfaces.

It can be provided with 3G modem or 169/868MHz radio or with new standard network low power SIGFOX. NI200 Smart Environment is a low-cost solution designed for smart environment monitoring, this means you can measure not only environmental parameters (like temperature, RH, wind speed and direction, air pressure), but also energy ones (like solar radiation, water pressure) to prevent damages caused by natural calamities. Thanks to our cloud service software you can view data in cloud mode with smartphone or tablet from different devices in different locations at the same time, with the possibiliy to choose the widget to display them.
Thanks to NI200’s sensor compatibility, you can connect Vibrating Wire, 4..20mA, 0-10V, NTC, Thermocouple and Ratiometric sensors, wich include piezometer, crack meters, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, liquid flow, liquid level, liquid pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction and much more.
Remote connection allows unattended monitoring for long time and from inaccessible areas.
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Smart Agriculture


  • Air Pollution
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Fire detection
  • Snow Level
Family: Smart Building, Smart Environment, Smart Agricolture, Smart Piping, Smart Water, Smart Cities
Landslide monitoring: Joints and Crack Movements Monitoring

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