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    IoT for AR/VR

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iot for ar/vr

The Internet of Things aims to improve and empower our life; and this also and above all through the wearables, where we “wear” the intelligent electronic part.
Robotics and VR/AR applications are some in which IoT work at its best, where big amounts of data from IoT-enabled devices in the physical world are collected, converted into digital and made visible in real time through augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR); AR and VR can be also used together in the so called “mixed reality”.

The interest in and demand for augmented and virtual reality has increased enormously due to the pandemic (2020) and post-pandemic periods (2021-2022); for example, Companies are asking for immersive technologies to improve collaboration, strengthen customer loyalty, optimise workflows and capture and transfer knowledge in times of social distancing.
In other words, Companies now are focusing to use the Internet of Things, with AR/ VR, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, video and robot connection capabilities to operate more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are constantly evolving, and so will VR/AR technologies, working together to achieve a progressive improvement of the user experience.


  • workflow improvement

  • capability to learn/work in mobility

  • timesaving technology

  • gestures, movements and voice recognition

  • free and natural movements without the need of other add-on devices

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