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    IoT for Smart Sports

    Smart IoT applications

iot for smart sports

The Internet of Things aims to improve and empower our life; and this also and above all through the wearables, where we “wear” the intelligent electronic part.

Sport is one of the applications in which IoT work at its best.

IoT sensors in sports help ensure both athlete safety and enhance training, especially if technology is embedded in clothing or tools.


  • scalable technology

  • gestures and movements recognition

  • motion analysis

  • embedded technology in clothes / tools

  • free and natural movements without the need of other add-on devices

Wearable IoT sensors provide for example insights about:

  • Effort exerted by athletes during a match / a workout

  • Efficiency of the player and key areas to improve on

  • Type of movements performed by the athletes

  • Speed of movement and position of the athletes

  • Patterns in player performance

IoT sports analytics which derives from the collected data helps trainers and coaches to customize and streamline training modules and game plans for athletes.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are constantly evolving, and so will wearable technologies, working together to achieve a progressive improvement of the user experience.

Therefore, it’s crucial for sports organizations to realize its potential and prepare for the change by taking steps to properly invest in IoT sensors for sports projects.

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