The vibrating wire strain gauges are used to measure stress in load-bearing structures or monitor tensions in tunnel linings during tunnel excavation phases.

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Vibrating wire strain gauges are utilized to measure the stress in load-bearing structures. They are also used to monitor the tension in tunnel linings, particularly during tunnel excavation phases. This monitoring is essential to verify the strains and deformations of both temporary and permanent retaining structures.

Vibrating wire strain gauges comprise a stainless steel tube containing a thin rope fastened at both ends, which is set in motion by an excitation coil. An internal thermistor is used to detect temperature. These gauges can function under both tension and compression and are watertight. They can be installed externally on stressed structures or embedded in concrete castings for stress measurements.

Two types are available: weldable strain gauge or embedded strain gauge. Data can be accessed via a portable control unit or an automatic data acquisition system for continuous monitoring.


  • Bridges
  • Building
  • Dams
  • Landslides
  • Oil&Gas
  • Railways
  • Structural
  • Tunnels
    • Type: welding to metal | embedded in concrete
    • Rope length: 153 mm I 145 mm
    • Range: 3000 με
    • Sensitivity: 1 με
    • Total accuracy: less 0,5% F.S.
    • Standard frequency: 800 Hz | 900 Hz
    • Termistor: NTC 3 KΩ
    • Coil resistance: 150 Ω
    • Operating temperature: -20…..+80 °C
    • Dimensions: 165X25X25 mm | 157X25X25 mm
    • Material: Stainless steel
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