LoRa Wireless Inclinometer Sensor

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NI1000 wireless inclination sensor is a high-precision sensor based on LoRa wireless transmission technology . The maximum measurement range of this series of sensors is +15 degrees. It has built-in RTC, which can wake up wirelessly and has low power consumption in dormant state. It is suitable for safety monitoring system of industrial site, building and civil engineering.
Product features: high precision, high resolution, industrial level of LoRa wireless communication, the longest transmission distance up to 5000 meters, a variety of working modes can be selected, typical sleep current 270uA low power consumption, battery power supply can also work for a long time.
Product Applications: Angle Measurement, Horizontal Adjustment, Zero Adjustment Safety Control, Monitoring, Alarm Initial Position Control, Inclination Attitude Recorder.


  • Building
  • Environment
  • Structural
    • Measuring Range: ±15 °
    • Wireless: LoraWan Based
    • Power: 8~30V
    • Measuring Axis: Dual Axis
    • Accuracy: 0.001°-0.005°
    • Ingress Protection: IP67
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