Internet of Thing

COURSE 1 – IoT and Structural Monitoring

The course aims to study the Internet of Things applied in the civil and environmental engineering sector, but above all to clarify the various wireless technologies existing today, illustrating their advantages and disadvantages through also real use cases. If the acronyms IoT, TCP / IP, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE CAT-M, NB-IOT, Sigfox or Lo.Ra create some doubts, Next Industries offers through its expertise an in-depth guide to find the most suitable technology to your monitoring project.

SPEAKER                Linkedin Profile: MASSIMILIANO BELLINO

COURSE 2 – How Artificial Intelligence innovates structural monitoring systems

The course aims to study a real case of bridge monitoring carried out in 2019, where the goal was to check structural safety according to permitted vehicular traffic. How the Motion Analysis software solution provides innovation related to the use of Artificial Intelligence in the civil engineering sector which represents a turning point in the creation of 4.0 security systems.

SPEAKER                Linkedin Profile: MASSIMILIANO BELLINO

COURSE 3 – How to create Smart Cities with IoT and AI

The course aims to study the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in technologies dedicated to the civil and environmental engineering sector, in particular where it is useful to detect and monitor movement. Real use cases will illustrate how the IoT and AI present in remotely connected devices can contribute to the improvement of data analysis – with the aim of preventing structural and environmental damage – and how these technologies are also applicable to other sectors such as industry and energy.

SPEAKER                Linkedin Profile: MASSIMILIANO BELLINO

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