Awesome people are members of our team

They all LOVE their job and do not carry out their everyday work just to “get the salary” at the end of the month.

Some keywords you should keep in mind if and when you work with us:


You compare your work with that of others and feel that you would not change it for any reason. Your goal is much more important than a tempting change.


Recognize that you never stop learning.


You get out of bed to go to work and you are happy of/for this. Even the most difficult work challenges become an opportunity to measure yourself.

Positive attitude

The perfect job does not exist, there are difficult moments anywhere but the big difference is how you face and overcome them.


Working can be fun if you can pursue your interests.

Looking for fresh minds and motivated people

We are an innovative SME looking for fresh minds, talented people who want to get involved with the above challenges almost every day; we are looking for motivated people to make new products, to create useful services, to innovate the user experience, all these focused on improvement and in respect of our planet.

What we offer:

  • International environment

  • Innovative environment

  • Links with Universities

  • Challenging projects with “big” companies

  • Expanding business

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