Why are temperature and humidity important for the steel industry?

Humidity causes corrosion on the steel. Humidity rises along with the temperature, in other words humidity changes depending on temperature. So, corrosion activity depends on the temperature of the surroundings. Especially in the cooling step of the steel, when the surface of the steel falls below the surrounding temperature, condensation will occur, and moisture will…


Are we fully aware about the quality of the air that we breathe?

Let’s see why is indoor air quality crucial After the pandemic, concern about indoor air quality has grown in common areas such as offices, restaurants, schools, other public buildings, and homes. European Commission and World Health Organization have done several research about indoor air quality and publish guidelines for how to develop indoor air quality.…

IoT wearable devices

Gesture Controller and Industrial Robotics

Could gesture control becoming a key element of the “fourth Industrial Revolution”? Some experts certainly think so, and forward looking companies have already started to integrate gesture controllers into their operations.

IoT and Structural Monitoring

IoT: Three Wireless Solutions from Next Industries

Wireless technology is at the heart of the Internet of Things. It’s allowing oil and gas companies to create real-time awareness of drilling performance. It assists engineers in maintaining the integrity of bridges, and can form part of slope monitoring systems in mines and quarries. All of these applications are changing the way we live…


Wireless IoT

In this article, we’ll look into different IoT wireless technologies. We’ll analyze 3G, which use cellular line to send data, SigFox, with its growing coverage, and Wireless M-Bus if you need your own network infrastructure or hidden area with no other coverage (tunnels).  2G/3G Standard: GSM/GPRS/EDGE(2G), UMTS/HSPA(3G), LTE(4G)Frequencies: 900/1800/1900/2100MHzRange: 35Km max for GMS, 200Km max for HSPA (Depending…

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What can be TACTIGON for you?

TACTIGON is a completely new way to create IoT enabled devices. Designed to be user friendly and extremely powerful, it has everything makers need to unleash their creativity and come up with applications for the IoT that solve real world problems more elegantly, and effec-tively, than ever before.


Why SHM is so important?

Structural health monitoring has the potential to completely change the way we manage the built environment. It involves the addition of dynamic wireless sensors within structures, enabling engineers to monitor aspects of their health in real-time.


What is IoT?

Basically, the IoT is an extension of the familiar digital internet.Devices connected to the IoT are able to collect data, and then send it to devices which are part of the conventional internet.They can also receive data remotely, allowing users to customize how they function.

SHM structural monitoring

What does SHM mean?

Structural health (or structural monitoring) is an essential part of modern urban infrastructure. SHM can be applied to all forms of buildings or structures, from ancient buildings which have been standing for thousands of years, to bridges that are under construction in earthquake zones.


Wearable Devices for Medical purposes

A few years after the technology first came online, we’re still waiting for world-shaking innovations, but there has been a stream of pretty amazing developments that point towards a pivotal role for the IoT in future medicine. Here are a few ways that wearables have changed medi-cine, which offer pointers for makers using TACTIGON SKIN to develop their own devices.


Solutions Currently used in the world for Pipeline Monitoring

Pipelines are an essential part of infrastructure across the world. Thankfully, innovative new smart monitoring systems are available which can minimise the risk of failure and ensure that piping remains in good condition, for as long as possible. These systems link into the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT), which will play a key role in protecting pipelines in the future.


Smart Cities: examples from the world

Smart cities are changing the way people live in and interact with urban environments. Next Industries is at the heart of these exciting developments, creating a range of highly accurate data acquisition loggers, sensors and gateways, which provide the connectivity that is vital to power smart cities.