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Energy Efficiency in Buildings: 3 Ways to Improve

Buildings: responsible for high energy consumption Optimizing energy efficiency in buildings is essential to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. This article explores effective strategies to achieve energy efficiency in buildings. ‘Buildings are a central part of our daily lives, and we spend a large part of our days in them- at home, at…

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IoT and AI in Building Management System

What is Building Management System and how it works? In today’s technological era, a Building Management System (BMS), also known as a Building Automation and Control System (BACS), plays a significant role in enhancing the overall functionality of a building. A BMS is a computer-based solution that seamlessly integrates and regulates various building systems. These…

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Why is temperature monitoring so important for the steel industry?

In the steel industry, where precision and quality are paramount, the role of humidity and temperature monitoring cannot be overstated. This article explores why these factors are crucial for ensuring the integrity of steel products and the safety of industrial workers. Humidity is an important factor affecting steel in the industrial environment. As the temperature…

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How Air Quality Monitoring Can Improve Indoor Workspaces?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, concerns about indoor air quality have surged across various sectors, including workplaces, restaurants, educational institutions, public buildings, and homes. For this reason, air quality monitoring has gained importance.The European Commission and the World Health Organization have conducted extensive research on indoor air quality, offering comprehensive guidelines on how to…

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Gesture Controller and Industrial Robotics

Could gesture control becoming a key element of the “fourth Industrial Revolution”? Some experts certainly think so, and forward looking companies have already started to integrate gesture controllers into their operations.

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IoT: Three Wireless Technology Solutions from Next Industries

Wireless technology plays a significant role in enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), revolutionizing various sectors such as oil and gas, infrastructure, and mining. It empowers oil and gas companies to gain real-time insights into drilling performance, aids engineers in upholding the structural integrity of bridges, and forms an integral part of monitoring systems in…


Wireless IoT

In this article, we’ll look into different IoT wireless technologies. We’ll analyze 3G, which use cellular line to send data, SigFox, with its growing coverage, and Wireless M-Bus if you need your own network infrastructure or hidden area with no other coverage (tunnels).  2G/3G Standard: GSM/GPRS/EDGE(2G), UMTS/HSPA(3G), LTE(4G)Frequencies: 900/1800/1900/2100MHzRange: 35Km max for GMS, 200Km max for HSPA (Depending…

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What can be TACTIGON for you?

TACTIGON is a completely new way to create IoT enabled devices. Designed to be user friendly and extremely powerful, it has everything makers need to unleash their creativity and come up with applications for the IoT that solve real world problems more elegantly, and effec-tively, than ever before.


Why SHM is so important?

Structural health monitoring has the potential to completely change the way we manage the built environment. It involves the addition of dynamic wireless sensors within structures, enabling engineers to monitor aspects of their health in real-time.


What is IoT?

Basically, the IoT is an extension of the familiar digital internet.Devices connected to the IoT are able to collect data, and then send it to devices which are part of the conventional internet.They can also receive data remotely, allowing users to customize how they function.

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What does SHM mean?

Structural health (or structural monitoring) is an essential part of modern urban infrastructure. SHM can be applied to all forms of buildings or structures, from ancient buildings which have been standing for thousands of years, to bridges that are under construction in earthquake zones.


Wearable Devices for Medical purposes

A few years after the technology first came online, we’re still waiting for world-shaking innovations, but there has been a stream of pretty amazing developments that point towards a pivotal role for the IoT in future medicine. Here are a few ways that wearables have changed medi-cine, which offer pointers for makers using TACTIGON SKIN to develop their own devices.