Who we are

Next Industries designs and manufactures high accuracy data acquisition loggers, gateway and sensors provided with Internet of Things technology. Thanks to wireless connectivity our device is able to communicate with cloud, to manage alarm or notifications.

The value of technology is being at people’s free disposal, especially for applications like energy production, work safety or structural health monitoring.

Through our work we add value to technology, offering innovative products in respect of the earth; wireless, low power and small size devices for “smart cities” management. Landslide events in environmental applications or strain in a pipeline can be monitored with our sensors and loggers. The data sending is made thanks to the gateway and through internet the user can view data and analyze them.


Next Industries is born with the mission of detecting movement in a structure and / or in the surrounding environment in order to prevent damage, improve safety and improve UI / UX interfaces using sensors and devices with IoT technology, data management and analysis in the cloud, artificial intelligence algorithms.


Next Industries works worldwide through partner companies, contractors and 3 international distributors. Both the product portfolio and that of national and international direct customers are expanding. Two patents are registered.


The development of new technologies dedicated to the collection of movement-related data with artificial intelligence algorithms continues. The third patent is registered. More than 80,000 monitoring points and 60 direct customers are reached.


Next Industries has consulting services through development teams created based on specific needs of the project. The teams work independently and with agile methodology, collaborating directly with the customer.

Natural User Interface is new way for interaction with digital world. The ability to control device with Natural User interface alone has a broad range of application in IoT and beyond.

We connect real world through internet in open source, ecologic and sustainable way. We want to shake User Experience with our products up. We imagine technology with fresh design as a natural extension of the man. This is User Experience Revolution.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

Smart cities means for us “connectivity city” and technology must be an added value for people, especially for applications like energy production, work safety or structural health monitoring.

Project Seamless

The SEAMLESS project stems from the need to innovate the consultation of data detected by monitoring sensors of three-dimensional structures, to allow a more effective analysis.

He then focused on developing a solution to navigate and view three-dimensional data in an immediate and intuitive way. As an innovative solution to the problem, the project proposed a coupling between immersive reality and gesture recognition, through the connection of an immersive data visualization environment with a gesture controller, i.e. a wearable device that allows you to interact in a gestural way with the three-dimensional representation of data to consult.

Data relating to three-dimensional structures are naturally more intuitive when represented in three dimensions, but 3D visualizations are more difficult to understand if they cannot be manipulated and spatially navigated.

Immersive data navigation can be particularly useful in the SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) field, taking into consideration that the monitored phenomena are related to even large architectures and that the sensors are physically arranged on the structure to be monitored: the reproduction of a model 3D of the structure with scalable dimensions, on which to highlight the amplitude of the phenomena detected by the individual sensors in their exact positioning, can in fact provide a more effective view than the usual ones that typically use statistical dashboards.

Thanks to the use of immersive reality, the user can vary his point of view both by moving and turning his gaze in all directions. The goal is to provide both an immediacy of use and an overview of the structure under observation.

SEAMLESS was created in 2018 by an aggregation of companies supported in Research and Development by the Politecnico of Milan, through a project funded under the “Smart Living” Call (Lombardy Region, DGR X / 5520 of 2 August 2016 modified and integrated with DGR X / 6811 of 30 June 2017).

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Project Tech Fast Lombardy

Our project is part of the macro-thematic of high-efficiency production systems and in particular in the theme “Development of technologies, models, innovative simulation techniques and virtual reality systems to maximize comfort and ergonomics of working conditions, enhance the skills of the operators and optimize its performance.
The current health emergency has also given a strong boost to collaboration and communication tools via the internet, so new user interfaces (UI) are needed to respond to this digitization demand.
The experience gained by Next Industries over the last 3 years in the field of movement management and user experience has made it possible to create a basic know-how for a new product line for the advanced manufacturing market with particular reference to the world of collaborative robotics.
This line crosses perfectly with the ecosystem of advanced manufacturing: by making the robots or cobots learn repetitive operations, the operator is allowed not to devote himself to alienating activities, thus working in safety on tasks with greater added value and certainly more rewarding for the individual.

The application sectors are many: by way of example and not limited to, we mention manufacturing production (e.g. molds and moulding), R&D in laboratories where repetitive operations are required for measurement or testing (e.g. test and inspection as for detection of defects), loading and unloading operations and packaging.
Currently the robots are programmed with code or with some joysticks also placed on the robot itself. To facilitate learning of the robot and diffusion in the factory it is necessary to create new man-machine interfaces. Gestures and voice are the future of the controller. The increasingly widespread use of technologies such as voice, through personal assistants (Alexa, Siri) and gestures such as touch screens allows the creation of new technological scenarios for the simplification and use of digital systems (UX). Furthermore, technologies such as A/R and V/R placed in a manufacturing context can accelerate production processes. Tactigon GEAR is the software component that can on the one hand improve the naturalness of the controller (finger recognition, mixed reality integration, EDGE integration) and allow other companies to develop new Natural User Interfaces.

“Lombardy Region,DGR XI / 4498 of 29 March 2021 Project Tech Fast – CUP E89J21013000007”