A router functions as a vital hardware component enabling seamless communication between a local network and the vast internet.

This device effectively manages and directs web traffic and data, facilitating efficient exchange amongst devices situated on diverse networks.

Furthermore, routers facilitate the sharing of a single internet connection among multiple devices, making them an essential tool for connectivity optimization.

Routers are offering network security which protects your local network from external threats such as hackers. With a router you can control the incomings and outgoings traffic of the local network.

Wireless connectivity is another important feature of modern routers. You can connect easily with your smart devices.

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3G/4G Industrial Router


From: 315,00 

NI32, 3G/4G Industrial Router, is cost-effective and highly efficient. It is small and lightweight. It offers features such as rich interfaces for multiple applications in industrial areas.  

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3G/4G Cellular Router


From: 207,00 

NI32L is a cost-effective industrial cellular router. It is an efficient solution for all your connectivity needs, whether for an IoT application in a smart city or another industrial setting.