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How IoT is Used in Wearables?

The Internet of Things aims to improve and empower our lives, particularly through wearables that incorporate intelligent electronic components. These hi-tech devices, often used to monitor physical activity and vital signs, provide valuable health information. However, the possibilities of the IoT extend far beyond these applications.

The next phase in the evolution of human-computer interaction lies in gesture- and voice-controlled wearable technology. These natural user interfaces have the potential to eliminate the need for traditional interface methods such as mouse and keyboards, freeing users from tedious interactions.

Gestures and voice commands are the most instinctive ways for individuals to communicate with machines, opening digital access to a wider range of people and enabling innovative business models. Incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities further enhances the potential of these wearables.

Overall, this combination of wearables, artificial intelligence, gesture control, and voice control holds great promise for professionals seeking efficient and intuitive ways for The Internet to interact with Things technology. (IoT) is revolutionizing our lives through wearables, such as intelligent electronic devices that we can wear. These hi-tech gadgets allow us to monitor our daily physical activity, heart rate, and other health-related information. With wearables, artificial intelligence, gesture control, and voice control, we are entering a new era of connectivity and accessibility.


  • scalable technology

  • natural interface with voice and gestures

  • productivity boost thanks to Artificial Intelligence

  • free and natural hand/fingers movements like no other controller on the market

Gesture- and Voice-controlled Wearable Technology

Throughout the course of history, we have witnessed a remarkable evolution in computer technology. It all began with computers operating solely through command lines, but Apple’s breakthrough introduction of mice and window interfaces changed the game. In recent decades, we have experienced a revolutionary transformation with the advent of smartphones and their incredible touchscreen capabilities.

Now we are on the verge of another technological breakthrough. The next frontier in human-machine interaction lies in the enhancement of technology through voice command and the incorporation of freehand gestures that require no additional tools. This imminent transition holds immense relevance for a multitude of industries, including robotics, gaming, sports, and the ever-expanding realms of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Presently, there is not a single technology available on the market that has the capability to truly revolutionize the way humans interact with machines across diverse sectors like gaming, robotics, and VR/AR. This is precisely where we step in. Our focus lies in developing wearable devices powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed to harness the power of gesture control and voice command. Through the utilization of artificial intelligence, gesture control, and voice control, our innovative wearables are set to redefine the human-machine interface and transform industries like never before.

The Tactigon Technology

Introducing the Tactigon technology, a revolutionary series of software and smart devices designed to cater to the needs of various industries. Our first-of-its-kind programmable, AI-driven wearable gesture and software with voice controller is set to redefine the way professionals interact with technology.

With the Tactigon, professionals can harness the power of wireless, ergonomically designed wearable devices placed on their palms. This groundbreaking technology enables fast and precise AI-driven voice and gesture recognition in any environment, without the need for a specific lab or camera-driven set. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to seamless control.

The versatility of the Tactigon is unparalleled. Whether it’s in industrial, medical, or robotics settings, this technology can be scaled to meet diverse requirements. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, wearable technologies are set to undergo continuous evolution, ensuring a progressive improvement in the user experience.

Experience the future of wearables, where artificial intelligence, gesture control, and voice control come together to empower professionals in unprecedented ways. To introduce some of our products: Tactigon OneTactigon Developer CaseTactigon SDK 2.0, and Titan BoyEmbrace the possibilities with Tactigon technology.

The gestures- and voice-controlled wearable technology is the next step in the evolution of human-computer interaction and has the potential to free users from tedious interface methods like mouse and keyboards through natural user interfaces. Natural interfaces par excellence are gestures and voice; this is the most natural way for men to interact with machines.

We made this project since we wanted to use The Tactigon ONE and T-Skin to move a robotic arm and have it follow our movements, like a shadow….

Follow us with our great project : shake user experience!