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Smart IoT Technology to improve user experience through Artificial Intelligence in SHM, Environmental and Industrial applications

Next Industries designs and manufactures high accuracy data acquisition loggers, gateways and sensors provided with Internet of Things technology.
Our technology monitors the environment and the structure to detect issues before they become a serious problem, allowing end user to quickly and easily receive the data and make decisions with it, thanks to the use of IoT sensors, cloud analytics, and AI.

Work with us if you need to:


Reduce costs

to reduce maintenance and operations costs

Reduce the risk

to reduce the risk of structural collapses and damages


to automatize data reading and collection

Improve safety

to improve safety in workplaces, public places, structures

Improve UX

to improve user experience through Iot, Cloud Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Featured Product

Why choose a product with IoT technology? Because the Internet of Things extends to real-world objects the capability to collect, process and exchange data over a wireless connection, thus improving monitoring, control and automation processes. See the best sellers among our IoT products:

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Smart Cities Management

In the era of Smart Cities, we help you in the management of urban infrastructures, finding the least invasive way to incorporate smart IoT technologies into infrastructures, responding to a high interest expressed by public authorities.

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