Next Industries’ Quality Management System

Our ISO9001 Certification

Next Industries has defined its growth strategy in accordance with the following principles:

Customer satisfaction

The continuous performance improvement

Staff involvement

Decisions based on factual data

For this purpose, Next Industries has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of ISO: 9001: 2015.

Next Industries is therefore strongly committed to:

  • Identify the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders and to achieve their satisfaction
  • Assess risks and opportunities for these needs and expectations and taking actions to face them adequately
  • Make assessments of the compliance and effectiveness of business processes
  • Improve the performances of processes and the Company Quality System
  • Inform and raise staff awareness about their contribution to the effectiveness of the Quality System, including the benefits of improving performance and the implications if they do not meet the System requirements

The company’s management has gained the conviction that this approach is indispensable today to achieve and maintain a consistent and winning competitiveness on the market and that this policy brings concrete benefits to the company and customers to achieve the satisfaction of both of them.

our Quality Policy
ISO9001 Certification