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Biogas monitoring

In order to optimize the operation, the customer needs to monitor and datalog the gas flow coming from the “bio-digester”. … Read More

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What Makes A City Smart?

An extended concept beyond automatic lighting and parking search systems. A concept where all buildings of the city are monitored, for safety and security improvements. … Read More

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Landslide Monitoring

The meteorological data acquisition equipment perfectly integrates with the monitoring geotechnical plant, thus realizing a complete system able to provide the best analysis of the landslides risk state with high datalogging and remote interaction capacities which are provided by state-of-the-art technologies. … Read More

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Bridge Monitoring

NI-203 with SigFox radio is a low power wireless interface that allows long time battery operation and smart interaction among sensors, devices, cloud portal. … Read More

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PV Plant monitoring

NI2400 datalogger will be the heart of the system. This rugged device, derived from the Next Instruments geotechnical dataloggers series, is the ideal equipment for this application. … Read More

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Building Monitoring

Building monitoring

The plant needs the use of geotechnical sensors connected to a datalogging device able to do acquisitions, storage and send alarms, if necessary. In order to measure deformation and movements of the soil… … Read More

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