Strain gauge input module with basic functions

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NI20SG is a strain gauge signal converter. Measurements taken using the 6-wires or 4-wires technique are available through Modbus-RTU serial protocol or the analog output. Sensitivity from 1 to 64mV/V, settable by DIP-switch for integer values, via software for real/integer values by connecting to the device via the microUSB port on the front panel. Stable weight indication via Modbus register/digital output. Remote writing of the tare in volatile and/or non-volatile memory by digital input/Modbus register/Modbus commands. Z-PC-DINAL2-17.5, Z-PC-DIN2-17.5, and Z-PC-DIN8-17.5 are mandatory accessories for ModBUS configurations.

  • Power supply: 10..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac (@50..60 Hz)
  • Power consumption: 2,5 W
  • Insulation: 1.500 Vac a 3 vie
  • Accuracy class: 0,01%
  • Connections: Removable screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5 mm²,MicroUSB port on front panel
  • Interfaces: RS485 2 wires, speed up to 115.200 bps
  • Supported protocols: ModBUS RTU slave
  • Input channels: 1 analog channel for reading (and power supply) up to 4 (350 Ω) or 8 (1,000 Ω) strain gauge load cells, 4 or 6-wire connection, equivalent impedance 87 Ω 1DI tare calibration or weight threshold
  • Output channels: 1 analog retransmission channel of the net weight in current (0...20, 4...20 mA) or in voltage (0..5, 0..10 V); 1DO tare calibration or weight threshold
  • Measurement /Diagnostics: Sensitivity from 1 to 64 mV/V
  • Resolution: 24 bit
  • Programming: Plug&Play configurator (EASY SETUP), System software (Z-NET4), DIP-switch
  • Protection degree: IP20
  • Mounting: For DIN rail guide 35 mm DIN 46277
  • Operating temperature: -10..+65°C
  • Dimension WxHxD: 17,5x100x112 mm
  • Norms: EN 61000-6-4/2002, EN 61000-6-2/2002, EN 61010, EN 60742, IEC 61131
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