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wearable boards kitOut of stock

Tactigon Developer Case


Tactigon wearable boards kit, programmable with Arduino IDE, for high precision 3D gesture control, motion capture, GPS tracking and vibration measurements.

wearable board

Tactigon One


TACTIGON ONE (V.1) is a wearable board, programmable with Arduino IDE, specifically designed for precise 3D gesture control, motion capture, GPS tracking, and vibration measurements.

TactigonOut of stock

Tactigon SDK 2.0


Tactigon Software Development Kit (SDK) combines both hardware and software components. Tactigon SDK is the solution for managing PCs, robots, gaming controls, gestures, or voice commands.

tactigon robot suite

Titan Boy Kit


Titan Boy, the incredible human-like robot that not only fights and dances, but now comes equipped with the Tactigon Gear Software powered by Artificial Intelligence.