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How Air Quality Monitoring Can Improve Indoor Workspaces?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, concerns about indoor air quality have surged across various sectors, including workplaces, restaurants, educational institutions, public buildings, and homes. For this reason, air quality monitoring has gained importance.The European Commission and the World Health Organization have conducted extensive research on indoor air quality, offering comprehensive guidelines on how to…

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Gesture Controller and Industrial Robotics

Could gesture control becoming a key element of the “fourth Industrial Revolution”? Some experts certainly think so, and forward looking companies have already started to integrate gesture controllers into their operations.

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What can be TACTIGON wearable device for you?

TACTIGON is a completely new way to create IoT enabled devices. Designed to be user friendly and extremely powerful, it has everything makers need to unleash their creativity and come up with applications for the IoT that solve real world problems more elegantly, and effec-tively, than ever before.

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Wearable Devices for Medical Purposes

A few years after the technology first came online, we’re still waiting for world-shaking innovations, but there has been a stream of pretty amazing developments that point towards a pivotal role for the IoT in future medicine. Here are a few ways that wearables have changed medi-cine, which offer pointers for makers using TACTIGON SKIN to develop their own devices.

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Can You Build a Robot Controller?

We’re seeing more and more robots in everyday life that work fine without any human input. But other robots are being designed to interface with humans, providing their users with enhanced abilities.Gesture controlled robots are a big part of industrial innovation, and plenty of fields besides.