Wireless LoRa Pulse Counter is a solution for remotely reading metering data from water meters in water applications. It stores the data, so valuable information is never lost.


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The Wireless LoRa Pulse Counter is a professional solution for remotely reading metering data from water meters. By combining with LoRaWAN® gateway (NI400, NI63, NI65, and IC50x) and IoT Cloud solution, it allows for easy management and increased efficiency of water usage, effectively transforming traditional water meters into smart meters.

Some key features of the Pulse Counter include superior accuracy, as it is embedded with two sensors for precise measurements. It also has the capability for data storage, retransmission, and retrievability, ensuring that valuable information is never lost. The Pulse Counter has versatile applications and is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can withstand even the most demanding environments.

In addition to its functionality as a pulse counter, this device is also equipped with temperature and humidity sensors for environmental monitoring. Its IP67 rated enclosure ensures that it operates effectively in various indoor settings.

Another notable feature is its long battery life. With a single battery, the Pulse Counter can last up to 5 years, while dual batteries can extend its lifespan to 10 years.

Overall, the Wireless LoRa Pulse Counter is a professional-grade solution that combines accurate data collection, easy installation, and advanced IoT capabilities.


  • Dams
  • Energy
  • Landslides
  • Water
    • Wireless: LoraWan Based
    • Frequency: 470 MHz CN/864 MHz RU / 865 MHz IN / 868 MHz EU/ 915 MHz US/ 915 MHz AU / 920 MHz KR/ 923 MHz AS
    • Port: 1 × GPIO Interface, Dry Contact
    • Work Mode: Pulse Counter, Digital Input
    • Cable Length: 1 m (Customizable)
    • Applicable Meters: Reed switches meters or any other passive pulse meters
    • Power Supply: ER18505 Li-SOCl2 4000 mAh battery (8000 mAh optional)
    • Battery Life: ≧ 5 years ( for 1 battery)
    • Measurement Temperature: -30°C to 70°C
    • Measurement Humidity: 0% to 100% RH
    • Ingress Protection: IP67
    • Dimension: 88 × 87 × 27 mm
    • Mounting: Wall (screws or 3M adhesives)
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