The resistive piezometer is a pressure transducer that measures interstitial pressure in soil. The absolute device measures interstitial pressure, while the relative device measures the piezometric height.

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The resistive piezometer is a transducer that measures relative pressure, allowing us to determine the piezometric height by measuring the hydrostatic pressure on the sensor. The sensor has a small tube inside its self-supporting cable connecting its reference room with the atmosphere. This ensures that any changes in environmental pressure affect the piezometric surface rather than the reference room. As a result, the device measures only water pressure, which indicates the water level.

Due to its compact and robust design and high-quality components, this level gauge is an excellent tool for monitoring and controlling water levels in piezometers, wells, pits, canals, tanks, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. The absolute version of the device determines interstitial pressure, while the relative version determines piezometric height in the piezometer pipe.


  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Environment
  • Water
    • Type: piezoresistive
    • Application: absolute and relative version
    • Cable: self-supporting , PUR external shieth, with internal tube
    • Measurement: from 20 to 100 water meters | from 5 to 100 meters water | from 20 to 100 water meters
    • Overpressure: 100% F.S.
    • Output Signal: mV/V (not amplified) e 4-20 mA, 2 wires
    • Power: 5 Vdc |8...32 Vdc
    • Total Accuracy: +/-0,5% F.S. |+/-0,25% F.S.
    • Long term stability: 2 mbar (1 cm water)
    • Operating temperature: -20…..+80 °C
    • Degree of protection: IP68
    • Dimensions: 14 mm - length 110 mm | diam. 21 mm - length 75 mm | diam. 12 mm - length 110 mm
    • Material: stainless steel stainless
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