The Electric Crackmeter uses a potentiometric displacement transducer to detect changes in position between two points located near a joint or injury.

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The Electrical Crackmeter is an advanced monitoring tool composed of high-quality materials such as aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel. With self-aligned ball joints and a range of accompanying accessories, it can be installed effortlessly in hard-to-reach locations. The primary function of this tool is to automate small movement measurements, making it an ideal solution for injury monitoring in various structures such as historical, civil, and industrial buildings, retaining structures, fractures in rock formations, dam joints, bridges, viaducts, and many more.


  • Bridges
  • Building
  • Dams
  • Structural
  • Tunnels
    • Sensor type: potentiometric potentiometric
    • Range: 50-100-150 mm
    • Material: stainless
    • Linearity: less 0,1% F.S.
    • Resolution: related to the reading system
    • Repeatability: 0,01 mm
    • Protection: IP68
    • Output signal: voltage
    • Operation temperature: -20…..+80 °C
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