4-CH thermocouple input module / RS485

Category: SKU: 5NIZ4TC

NI20 4TC is an interface for Thermocouple sensors (J, K, E, N, S, R, B ,T) and generic sensor with mV as standard output signal. The number of input is 4 and each input is independent from each other. It’s a ModBUS Slave and can be coupled with any ModBUS Master device. A 3-way galvanic isolation among Power supply // input // RS485 circuits assures the integrity of your datas

  • Power supply: 10..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac (50-60 Hz)
  • Transducers supply: 20 Vdc, 20 mA
  • Mounting: DIN 46277, 35 mm symmetrical rail
  • Input: 4-CH bipolar voltage ±80 mV or thermocouples type J,K,R,S,T,B,E,N
  • Resolution: 14 bit + sign
  • Communication: RS485 2 wire, ModBUS RTU slave protocol
  • Dimensions: 17,5 x 100 x 112 [mm]
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